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Interview by Melanie Picard

Samuel Vuillermoz 2012Radio enthusiast Samuel Vuillermoz strongly believes that old media still deserves a spot in the digital world. He’s working to preserve it with mx3, a Swiss music portal at the crossroad between musicians, fans, venues, clubs, and labels, where national radio stations can discover new Swiss talent and broadcast what they find. The platform is operated by Bern-based mxlab. Vuillermoz explains.

STORY2023: What is mx3 and how did it start?

SV: An intense brainstorming in 2005 led to a single thought: music unites the young generation. mx3 was born. Originally an inter-regional Swiss radio project with the challenging goal of renewing young people’s interest in radio, we decided to create a Swiss music platform where the public service radio stations could discover new bands, download songs, or broadcast them directly. Today, is certainly the only inter-regional success of this kind. The platform gathers 20,000 bands and over 70,000 songs, which means more than six months non-stop music. We have an average of five bands a day registering and one new song every 30 minutes uploaded on

STORY2023: Tell us how the platform started to include videos and why.

SV: Until last year, mx3’s media content was exclusively mp3 songs. But we’ve been asked by the German speaking public Swiss television to be the music video portal for their music show, Roboclip, so since December 2012, mx3 is also a video platform with HD files that we provide to Swiss public television for live broadcasting.
In 2014, mx3 should be the official video music portal of the three Swiss national TV broadcasters. This means a totally new design (that you can preview) integrating much more visual material and a unified player able to play either audio or video, promising new relevant user experiences.

STORY2023: What is next for mx3?

SV: The continuous pursuit of innovation, which I touched on in the previous question, is only one step in a long-term objective. is the mothership of many innovations that mxlab has developed in the past five years. In an ever-changing world and an unpredictable Internet market, only fundamentals can guide you. At the moment, we are working on an exciting project you will know more about in the upcoming months. Stay tuned!

STORY2023: How can the participants of the STORY2023 competition use your platform?

SV: They can use it to relax and enjoy good music they might not have suspected to exist or, in a more active way, they can find great material to use for their interactive work with the artist’s permission. mx3 is an open platform; they are obviously welcome!

More about Samuel Vuillermoz

Samuel Vuillermoz is an accomplished journalist and speaker. He has been working at the radio Couleur 3 for ten years and was a project manager for the Swiss music platform until 2006. He now leads mxlab, a spin-off of the Swiss public service operating mx3.

Passionate and driven by media, he has studied printing, journalism, directed humoristic TV shows and short movies, and has devoted his spare time to radio since 1993.

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