Devin Fidler

DFidlerTechnology Horizons Program, Institute for the Future | USA

Devin Fidler co-leads the Future of Learning and Future of Work initiatives at the Institute for the Future in Palo Alto. He is interested in disruptive shifts and the power that comes with seeing organizations as systems designed to activate know-how in the right places and at the right times.  He approaches projects from a strongly international perspective, having lived and worked in several countries throughout his career. Before joining IFTF, Devin was involved with a number of projects in the areas of technology assessment and the future of business, including work in the Research and Analysis Center of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, as director of the International Business Trends Center, as a futurist at the Institute for Alternative Futures, and as an analyst for the Royal Bank of Scotland in Edinburgh.

Jeff Gomez

Jeff Gomez_HeadshotCEO, Starlight Runner Entertainment | USA

Jeff Gomez, CEO of Starlight Runner Entertainment, is the world’s leading expert at expanding entertainment properties, premium brands and socio-political themes into highly successful transmedia franchises and international campaigns. As a consultant to Fortune 500 companies, Jeff contributes strategic planning and production for the extension of narrative content across digital and traditional platforms. He also extends the story worlds of films, toys, animation and videogame titles across multiple access points, which generate massive fan communities and multiple revenue streams.

Nicoletta Iacobacci

Nicoletta I.

Head of Strategy and Future Media, European Broadcasting Union | CH

JURY Q&A: she is questionning transmedia and ethics.

Born in Rome, Italy, she received a bachelor’s degree  in Fine Arts then moved to the US, where she stayed until 2002. In 1987, she got an MCA at the New York Institute of Technology, majoring in computer graphics and studying the convergence between Radio/TV and online properties. She also managed several R&D digital labs in both the US and Italy while also teaching interactive storytelling and production. Today, she is the Head of Strategy and Future Media at the European Broadcasting Union (80 public service broadcasters around the world). A PhD researcher at the European Graduate Studies, she coordinates and supports the most interesting and innovative TV professionals of European Public Service Media in order to create a call-to-action for shaping the future of a socially responsible public service media.

Christian Ströhle

Christian.StroehleProject Manager and Consultant, MXLAB | CH

JURY Q&A: learn about the transmedia projects he is working on.

Christian Ströhle has been working at the Swiss Federal Office of Culture for five years in the film funding section. He was head of film culture and all topics related to trends in movies, multimedia and games. He now works as an independent transmedia project manager and consultant at mxlab, a research and development company in traditional and new media. In 2012, he initiated a series of transmedia events at five international film festivals, kick-starting a transmedia movement in Switzerland. He is fascinated by all sorts of communications, and has studied cinema, linguistics, and history of art in addition to directing short movies and devoted most of his free time discovering multimedia applications.

Sascha Weisshaupt

SWHead of Brand, Swisscom | CH

Sascha Weisshaupt is Head of Brand Strategy and Management at Swisscom, Switzerlands leading telecom provider with a brand value of 5.02 billion Swiss francs. He was responsible for the development of Swisscom’s new brand identity, which already in 2008 incorporated central elements of the transmedia thinking. He leads a team of seven branding specialists dedicated to constantly developing branding in a fast changing world. Sascha holds an Executive Master of Science in Communication from the Università della Svizzera Italiana in Lugano.

Michel Vust

Michel_VustProject Leader, the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia | CH

JURY Q&A: discover his perception of 2023.

Michel Vust currently manages the Swiss federal program funding and promoting video games, interactive design and transmedia projects at the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia. After receiving a Master’s degree in Anthropology and Film Studies, he worked for several film festivals in Switzerland. He directed the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival from 2005 to 2011. During those years, he also curated several exhibitions and issued numerous papers on Swiss cinema, video games, and visual effects aesthetics. He also directed Imaging the Future, a symposium linking arts and technologies.

Maya Zuckerman

Maya_ZuckermanTransmedia Producer and Strategist, Transmedia SF | USA

JURY Q&A: learn about how transmedia entered her life.

Maya Zuckerman is the co-Founder of Transmedia SF, a network of SF Bay Area media and start-up creatives who come together to develop projects and to promote and educate the world about transmedia storytelling. The goal: make San Francisco a center for transmedia production and education. She has years of experience in media of all forms. She started her career in film and animation working with MTV and Yahoo! on cross-platform brand expansion of games and music. She also worked on feature films—both Hollywood and Indies, before transitioning to the gaming world. She worked for such titles as “Prince of Persia”, “GhostBusters – game” and “Star-Trek online”.  In her career she also worked in product development for software and interactive products for expert brands such as the Chopra center. Her most recent work in development is on the transmedia strategy for the Fifth Sacred Thing storyworld and for The Salt Water movie.