Our Jury Rocks: Please Meet Michel Vust

An international jury of acclaimed professionals will select the best stories. Michel Vust, Project Leader at the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia, is part of it.  He kindly answered our questions.


STORY2023: 2023, what is your vision?

Michel Vust: Powershifts, eco-disasters, unknown pleasures, creative enlightenment, ideological obscurantism, better haircuts, nanotechnology, data overdose, and immortality. Same same but different.

STORY2023: How did transmedia enter your life?

Michel Vust: I ran a film festival back then and festival managers tend to be obsessive about business diversification. So, when “cross-trans-media” began to buzz, even if we didn’t really know what it was all about we thought “there might well be something for us here” and then we dug it.

STORY2023: Your advice to the participants?

Michel Vust: Nothing too far-fetched: story architecture, experience, interactivity, and engagement are key. Don’t be afraid of narrative experiments, neither of using basic but effective plot lines (check A.J. Greimas and James Hall).

More about him

Michel_VustMichel Vust currently manages the Swiss federal program funding and promoting video games, interactive design, and transmedia projects at the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia. After receiving a Master’s degree in Anthropology and Film Studies, he worked for several film festivals in Switzerland. He directed the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival from 2005 to 2011. During those years, he also curated several exhibitions and issued numerous papers on Swiss cinema, video games, and visual effects aesthetics. He also directed Imaging the Future, a symposium linking arts and technologies.


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