Q&A with Christian Ströhle, transmedia consultant and producer

If you search for knowledge about the transmedia scene in Switzerland, it won’t take long for Christian Ströhle’s name to pop up. He is one of the pioneers of Swiss transmedia projects.

Besides working on different long-term transmedia projects, he also organizes events in Switzerland that introduce transmedia to a broader audience. His goal: build up an international network and provide international expertise and know-how to the Swiss film and media industry. His next event takes place at the Imaging the Future symposium—part of the Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival—and shows new possibilities for mobile multi-platform storytelling. He is also organizing a conference about Motion Comics, a creative combination of comics, illustration, animation, sound, interaction, and game design, for the International Animation Film Festival Fantoche. Stay tuned!

We are happy to count Christian as a juror! We asked him a few questions to help us learn more about him:

STORY2023: What is your vision of STORY2023?

CS: Ten years from now we will communicate in new ways through physical interfaces that will not only capture our movements but our emotions as well.

STORY2023: How did transmedia enter your life?

CS: In the 80s, my father bought our first computer. From then on, I was totally hooked on writing my own code lines. At the same period, my friends and I started to record our first music compilations on tapes, the same tapes I used to record and play my code. When I look back at this, I realize this might be my first experience with media convergence and transmedia.

STORY2023: Your advice to STORY2023 participants?

CS: Have a clear understanding of what you are communicating and keep it simple!

More about Christian

Christian.StroehleChristian Ströhle has been working at the Swiss Federal Office of Culture for five years in the film funding section. He was head of film culture and all topics related to trends in movies, multimedia, and games. He also works as an independent transmedia project manager and consultant at mxlab, a research and development company in traditional and new media, and he is about to found a transmedia entertainment company. In 2012, he initiated a series of transmedia events at different film festivals, kick-starting a transmedia movement in Switzerland. He is fascinated by all sorts of communications and has studied cinema, linguistics, and history of art. He devotes most of his free time discovering multimedia applications.

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