The competition is interdisciplinary and open to all eligible students with a vision of the future, from transmedia experts to first-timers.

Participants can compete as individuals or in teams of up to three people.
Students are eligible if they are registered at a Swiss public higher education institution. Accredited institutions are listed here.

Graduates of the 2012 – 2013 academic year will also be admitted.


Competition begins June 1, 2013
Deadline for registration August 25, 2013
Deadline for submission August 31, 2013 (midnight CET)
Jury deliberation September 2 – 13, 2013
Public awards ceremony End of September 2013
Winning trip to San Francisco Fall 2013


The story must show a unique vision of the future in which the year 2023 is a key milestone.
Participants are welcome to address any topic of their choice, including social issues, science, transportation, domestic life, relationships, geo political questions, innovation, globalization, entertainment, design, trends, communication, nature, food, wildlife, space, or any other source of inspiration.

Transmedia technique
The story must be told using a minimum of three platforms, though contestants are welcome to employ more.
Possible platforms include, but are not limited to, websites, text, comics, animation, stop motion, graphic stories, motion comics, images, slide shows, mobile apps, games, audio, video, ARG (Augmented Reality Game), posters, live events, flyers, social media, and email.

Users must be able to complete the story experience in a maximum of 10 minutes*.
*Projects will not be judged upon duration

All text in the story must be in English.
All audio must be in English or subtitled in English.

The story must be submitted as a web link.
The link can direct to any online platform suitable to share the story such as a specifically created website, a video platform (Vimeo, Youtube, etc.), a storytelling platform, and many more.


Participants must register before midnight CET on August 25, 2013 to be eligible to submit their story.


The story submission form will be available starting on August 1, 2013.
Required information when submitting your story:

  • Story title
  • Tagline (one sentence describing the general idea of the project)
  • Synopsis (200 words max.)
  • User Journey (200 words max.)
  • Link to the finished project.


Final projects will be evaluated by the jurors according to the following criteria.


  • Quality of the story : structure, originality, and narative
  • Adherence to the theme: the year 2023 as a key milestone


  • User engagement: how appealing and engaging the story is to the user
  • Journey: how the user travels through the story from platform to platform


  • Choice of platforms: relationship between the content and the chosen platforms
  • Navigation: ease of path between platforms

Design + Aesthetics

  • Visual choices with regard to the story: coherence between the form and the content
  • Artistic coherence amongst various platforms and parts of the story.


7.1 Extraction Authorization
The participants grant the free copyright of their work to the organizer and his partners. They will be allowed to reproduce partially or entirely the projects presented during the competition for the purpose of the competition’s promotion and communication, on any kind of channel, through any means of communication used by the organizer or his associates, world-wide and for the whole legal duration of the literary and artistic duration. 
Any project proposed, exposed and promulgated by the organizer or his associates will mention the authors’ names and school.

7.2 Image Rights

The participants give the organizer the authorization to take pictures or allow photos to be taken. This also applies to any form of recording or reproduction (audio, visual, photographic, etc.) of the participant’s voice or image for the purpose of the competition’s promotion and communication world-wide and for the whole legal duration of the literary and artistic duration.

7.3 Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
To participate in the competition implies the full acceptance of the clauses and terms presented here. Any legal dispute that should be aroused by the validity, interpretation or enforcement of these rules, because of the competition or that would be directly or indirectly related to it, would be brought before the competent Californian State jurisdiction and governed by US Californian law.